Helene Hadsell
For 50 Years, She Couldn’t Stop Winning Sweepstakes. And Now, She’s Coming Out Of Retirement Just One More Time To Share Her Hidden Techniques To A Victorious Life.

Be Prepared To Live The Luckiest, Healthiest & Wealthiest Years Of Your Life In The Midst Of The World’s Biggest Financial Crisis In Decades.

Helene Hadsell, The 83 Year-Old “Winning Sage” Unveils Her “4-Step Secret” That Has Helped Her Win Limitless Sweepstakes & Contests, Enjoy The Life Of Her Dreams, And Even Cheat Death.

Dear Friend,

A recent trip to my local library changed my life forever.
Excuse the drama, but I can’t think of a better way to put this.

You see, over the past few years, everyone’s been talking about the Law of Attraction, and how it’s humanity’s long-lost key to infinite prosperity, happiness and health.

But even with all that hype, I just wasn’t able to unlock its promises in my life.

My pocket was still burning from the recession.

I still had just a bit too many bad days.

My health was still giving me problems.

Looking at all these factors, I was tempted to call the Law of Attraction a failure, a false promise. That is until one day, as I was going through some old books in my library’s archives, I came across one book on winning sweepstakes that completely blew my mind.


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“I Have Won Every Contest I Entered Over The Past 50 Years”

Those words jumped out at me from that musty old book. It was called ‘Contesting: The name It & Claim It Game,’ and it was written by an elderly woman in Alvarado, Texas, by the name of Helene Hadsell.

“Impossible,” I first thought to myself as I thought of my own dismal record of winning sweepstakes. “You’d have to be more than just lucky to accomplish something like that. You’d have to know some sort of cosmic secret to pull off even a fraction of that feat.”

And as I skimmed through more of that book, it became clearer and clearer. This woman did have a cosmic secret to win contests and win at life. A secret that brought all the promises of the Law of Attraction to life, in a way that anyone could emulate. No hype, no false promises – just real, proven, instant results.

I Knew I Was On To Something

If what Helene said was true, her secrets were just what I needed to start living the life of my dreams. With them I could:

  • Win any prize I desire from any contest I enter.
  • Reliably and accurately attract the things I want in life, and avoid the things I don’t.
  • Learn to win sweepstakes like never before
  • Score a perfect 10 in my dream job interview.
  • Gain greater control over my health and happiness.
  • Live the happiest days of my life after manifesting a chance meeting with my soul mate.
  • Find the ideal spot in any public space, like parking spaces, restaurant seating, concerts, and so on.
  • And the list goes on, and on, and on…

So here’s what happened. I was so taken by Helene’s contesting book (which was long out of print) that I decided to see if I could meet her for myself.

Firstly, I wanted to learn more from her.

Secondly, I wanted to know if her amazing contesting record was true.

So I contacted the publisher to ask if I could meet this incredible woman. And as luck would have it, she agreed!

Now Here’s The Interesting Part

In real life, Helene Hadsell was all I had hoped for and more.

She started by removing every ounce of skepticism from me when she showed me old newspaper reports documenting her unbelievable contesting victories.

I couldn’t possibly list every sweepstakes and contest she has won, but her long list of prizes includes:

  • A luxury home from Formica Inc., after being chosen out of 2.5 million entries.
  • Washing machines, televisions, out-board motors, Hammond organs, and many other appliances.
  • A contest where she won a beautiful car in exactly the color she visualized.
  • A vacation she won in a sweepstake to enjoy her birthday in Paris and how she declared that she would win this prize 6 months ahead of time.
  • Winning 7 out of 8 contests at local car dealers. Impossible? Apparently NOT!
  • Plus! Over 5 trips to Europe for herself and her entire family.

And just so you believe me, I’m going to show you those newspaper cuttings very shortly.

The real clincher, though, the revelation that made everything clear to me, was Helene’s 4-step manifestation secret to win ANY sweepstake you desire.

It was a secret so simple, it left me stunned (and I don’t usually get surprised very easily!). Could this really have been Helene’s key to a winning life?

This Is Why I’m Reaching Out To You

I couldn’t keep Helene’s secret to myself with a clear conscience. Her teachings have changed my prosperity, happiness and health in ways you wouldn’t believe, and I want you to understand and experience them for yourself.

And that’s why I’ve collaborated with Helene to bring you…

Against All Odds: The Art of Mind Enhanced Winning

In this FREE 8-lesson introductory course to Helene’s teachings, you’ll experience:

Lesson 1 – The Winning Story

  • Discover Helene’s unbelievable life story.
  • View the countless media clippings of Helene’s contesting victories throughout the years.
  • And much more.

Lesson 2 – Name It & Claim It

  • The incredible Contesting: Name It & Claim It story.
  • And much more.

Lesson 3 – The Dream House

  • How Helene won her dream home in a sweepstake.
  • Watch a fascinating video of Helene sharing her contesting secrets.
  • And much more.

Lesson 4 – Helene’s Secret System

  • Learn about Helene’s powerful SPEC system.
  • Watch another video of Helene’s sweepstakes secrets.
  • And much more.

Lesson 5 – The Universe

  • How Helene uses the Universe to manifest her desires.
  • Watch yet another video of Helene’s secrets.
  • And much more.

Lesson 6 – When It Works, It Works

  • Learn how Helene’s SPEC system has served her for over half a century – and why it will serve you just as well.
  • Watch a video of Helene explaining the details of her SPEC system.
  • And much more.

Lesson 7 – Clear Your Mind

  • How to clear your mind of the negative thoughts that stop you from living the life you want.
  • Watch a video of Helene showing you her own instant mind-clearing techniques.
  • And much more.

Lesson 8 – Europe, Here I Come!

  • How Helene won multiple trips to Europe – and how you can do the same.
  • Watch a video of Helene discussing her trips.
  • And much more.

Praise For Helene…

Remember, Helene is not like your everyday personal development guru. She’s 83 years old and long retired, so she’s not out for profit, or recognition, or to sell as many copies as she can of her latest product. All she hopes for is to help the world with her wisdom. And yes, the world is responding…

Helene Should Have Been in ‘The Secret’

“Helene Hadsell is 83 years old and a hoot. She’s vibrant, humorous, active, a hypnotic storyteller, and still as plugged into metaphysics as anyone around. She should have been in the movie The Secret. Movie producers are in fact considering making a film of her life. I’d love to see that happen.”

~ Joe Vitale, Master Copywriter, Featured Teacher on ‘The Secret’

“I finally pulled out my winning lottery tickets and won $10,002”

“I cheerfully bought lottery tickets last Thursday evening and was wishing luck to the gentlemen in front of me and behind me. The gentleman behind me told me that I was going to win so I projected and expected all weekend. Saturday my husband kept telling me that I needed to check my lottery tickets (the drawing was Friday evening). I was a very busy day and I told him that I knew that I had won and there was no point in looking until I had the time as the lottery offices wouldn’t be open until Monday morning. Sunday evening around 9 p.m. I finally pulled out my winning lottery tickets and won $10,002.”

~ Jane Wins The Lottery After Listening to Helene

Helped Pay the Rent

I’ve been in a bit of a financial mess the past couple of weeks – my tenants weren’t able to pay their rent, my jobs were all late paying me and i couldn’t pay MY landlord.

All my friends around me are losing their jobs so I couldn’t ask anyone to borrow money

I should add that I am a single mum with 3 daughters.

So I decided I would use Helene’s SPEC method. I focused and decided that i would have the money for the rent by the end of the day on Monday.

I called EVERYONE and no money came in. I was disappointed. But I put it out of mind. Faith being key.

And just as I was bringing one of my daughters home from a ballet rehearsal, I realized I hadn’t checked the mail box.

Lo and behold, there was a check – paid EARLY – for a job.

It exactly covered the rent.

~ Ameena Meer Wins An Early Rent Check in the Nick of Time!

I repeat, you don’t need to pay me or Helene a single cent. All I ask in return is that you spread the word, and help as many people as possible experience Helene’s teachings for themselves.

All you need to do is sign up in the box below or to the right.

See you on the winning side!

Kate Roberts


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