About Helene Hadsell

Helene Hadsell, the woman with the 50-year winning streak. Helene has never lost a single contest she has entered. Featured in many magazines, Helene wrote “The Name It and Claim It Game” years back and sold millions of copies, until she decided to retire.

Considering the current economic scenario and the countless requests from people, she has come back to share her knowledge with world.

Helene Hadsell is a living testament to the mastery of manifestation, by which one can powerfully transform reality into their own design through affirmation and personal power.

From refrigerators to European vacations, over the years Helene has won many prizes in a wide variety of contests. The most incredible win, according to Helene, was the brand new dream home she won at the World Fair. Her name was randomly selected from 2 million contest entries.

She doesn’t believe in luck, chance, or accidents. What is it about this very normal woman that bridges the gap between the power of manifestation and reality? Be prepared to discover Helene’s reality-altering abilities and how you can start winning like a champion too!

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